Growing through the darkness and rain

Have you ever had to go through a season of darkness and rain? Ever experienced that in your life?

Like a flower we must be buried as a seed grow through the dirt and darkness as we are being watered and given proper sunlight in order to fully grow into the beautiful roses that we all love to give and receive or simply take pleasure in looking at.

Embrace the darkness because you shall soon see the light and remember that the rain is also a beautiful part of the healing and growth process and it is necessary. You will come out victorious through the process! Stay the course, God got this! 🙌🏼


God designed You for a task.


Did you know that you were created on purpose, with a purpose and for a specific purpose that no one else can fulfill but YOU? Mind blowing isn’t it? Hard to grasp and swallow, I know the feeling, it can even be overwhelming. But isn’t this what we were created for? To find our purpose in this life and fulfill it so we can too be fulfilled? Those are my thoughts at least.

I remember when it all started just about 10 years ago. I remember asking God what was my purpose here on earth, I was barely 16 at the time. I remember it was a very rough age for me going from a girl to a young woman, having a boyfriend who made me lie and keep things away from my parents (such as us having sexual relationships) (which I thought was normal at the time and sadly I thought that was the way to show someone you loved them). Sadly, I did not really have anyone sit me down and talk to me and tell me that it was NOT OKAY to have sexual relationships outside of marriage being that my parents did it and this world will make you think that it is when really it is not. I was four years with this same person but that did not make it okay to have sex, it is just not okay. You may think that it is but it is Satan’s plan to deceive you. Why? You may ask. I will tell you a few reasons that God has showed me in the past couple of years.

1. Your body is a temple. It must be reserved for the one willing to pay the price, this is not a free for all party, you are worthy of someone waiting, you are wonderful and valuable, you are a priced possession and someone has already paid a very high price for you, if anyone wants you, they must seek God for you.


2. These boys don’t love you, they don’t appreciate you, they are not COMMITTED! Even if they say they are, I need you to prove it buddy and the way to doing that is by making him wait! Wait for the goods and you’ll see if he is any good. Trust me ladies, if he loveeesss you like he says he does then he will be more than willing to respect you and wait for you until you are both ready to take that step.


3. Once you pop, the fun don’t stop, true or not? I beg someone to differ, it is so so so hard that once you lose your virginity to someone and that relationship does not workout, when you get your next little boyfriend, how much more harder is it to stay abstinent? Girl please! You playing yourself! Temptation is crawling in your ear! It’s almost like the enemy knows and there goes this little random little boy (because that’s what he is) He ain’t your man, he ain’t your husband.. So why is he all up in your bed? Are you out of your mind? Run as far as you and stop letting these fools play you, LOVE YOURSELF, before you wreck yourself!

You see I don’t fully know what my task here on earth is I just know that I have to share what I know and what I have gone through whether it be to share hope, love, faith, patience, understanding or to lead them to a better understanding on why they were created and on how no matter the circumstances or their experiences, they too have a purpose here on earth which is waiting to be discovered when you start a real relationship with your savior Jesus Christ and the almighty creator of the universe our almighty God.

I know that ALL that I have struggled with and continue to now struggle with, I know that it is all on purpose, for a greater purpose and for God’s glory at the end of the day, because His word tells us that ALL THINGS work together for the good of those who love HIM!! So I ask you, do you love HIM? Do you know your creator? Do you have a relationship with Him? If you don’t, right now is the time to start that relationship and let him change your heart which will lead to changing your life and getting on the road towards your purpose on why you were created!

Beauty in Single Season

GQUB6102[1]Single for a reason & a season

Finally! I have arrived at a place where I am actually happy to be single for this season in my life. It does get “lonely” some days but I most importantly know that God is with me at all times so I must feel complete because I am with Him. I don’t need anyone or anything else in this world because at the end of the day no one can satisfy like He does and only He can.

There is so much to do, it is such a beautiful thing to be single, the freedom that I have is beyond amazing. I mean this is coming now from the girl that has been in relationships for the past 14 years non stop pretty much. I mean yes I have gotten breaks in between where I am single for seasons, for months but then someone comes along, I fall for it, give my heart away, have it shatter into pieces and then I find myself, “alone” picking up those pieces. The beauty is that while I am down low on the floor picking up the pieces of my broken heart, I find Jesus there telling me He loves me over and over again and I find contentment, fulfillment and joy in that. I must admit, I am scared to love again, maybe scared is not the word but cautious. I am tired of being hurt honestly, I just want to be alone with God and pursue Him and no one or anything else. I wish all outside distractions can be zapped and I can just continue to do as I am doing, serving Him and His people.

You see, for a long time I was the girl that did not like to be alone, I was always with someone or a bunch of people. I liked to stay with a group of friends, hang out, do whatever, but I did not like to be alone. I always had somewhere to go, someone to see, something to do. God had to show me that I do not always have to be with someone, doing something, going somewhere. I can be happy alone at home with Him. I can be satisfied going to eat breakfast alone with Him and Him alone (God). I can be happy just enjoying His presence in my life and not having to be with someone else. It feels good to not want anything with anyone just because I have wanted something with someone for so long. I now feel like no I am good alone, I don’t need you or anything else.

There is so much to write from how you will never find true happiness in that person because true happiness and fulfillment can only come from God and truly loving yourself the way He loves you. Let yourself be loved by our Father as I am still learning to be loved. It was always easy for me to love and not be loved in return and that’s why I always got hurt, I always gave too much and received too little but that is probably how God feels with us… He gives us so much of His love and we sometimes don’t know how to receive it. I just realized .. God loves us so so so much, If we could only fully receive His love we would be so much better off and have such a better understanding of who we are because of Who’s we are! Thank you Jesus!

Love & Grace,